About Tino

My name is Tino. I was raised in the Red Hook Houses by my undocumented mother, who came to Brooklyn with my father from Mexico in 1990.  When I was ten, my father was arrested, then deported. Neither of my parents went to college and during most of my teen years, a college education was not something I even considered. I wasn't the best student. I didn't speak “properly.” Growing up, I was constantly told I was “at-risk” because of my economic and environmental circumstances.  All of this made me question myself and my future.

I am a product of my environment. I suffer from anxiety and depression.

Growing up marginalized, I often felt as if stories like mine or my parents were not important enough to tell, and if they were, I was bombarded by images that were highly stereotypical or romanticized versions of my culture. Through photography and video, my aim is to lift my own personal/familial history up into the American narrative.